Adventures In Christ Ministry (AICM) is a non-profit ministry that focuses on Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building relationships while having an adventure! We love the scripture in James 1:27 that states:

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”

Adventures In Christ Ministry began as a dream in the heart of founder and president David Dunbar. David is married to Elena Dunbar who is a Honduran native of Chinese descent. Though they live in Florida, David and his family often visited Honduras and over the years. He bought land in Honduras thinking one day to use it for a vacation destination. But as their family grew, David and Elena recognized the importance of inviting God into every part of their lives. They began to minister together in Florida and slowly a passion for Elena’s homeland was birthed. “We fell in love with Honduras and its children. We developed our ministry in Christ through our connection to our church, Northwest Community Church” David’s goal was to impact Honduras by ministering to the abandoned and underprivileged children. “We were called, and though at first it was overwhelming, we felt that God told us:

Just keep doing what you have been doing; go on vacation (to Honduras), take some family (God’s Family), have some fun and talk about Me (GOD).”

And that is how Adventures in Christ began.

“I love that when you are called, God will prepare you and He will provide! WOW! and this is what He did; such a wonderful God!” says David

They were called. They had land. But where should they start?

“We prayed for contacts, God answered and doors were opened. We met David Ashby of Helping Honduras Kids (HHK) which sponsors an orphanage and a jungle school…” The HHK Jungle School is just a mile or so from David Dunbar’s land! Now they had a connection and a plan. They would develop the land as a sustainable farm and camp for the the kids of HHK and the ministries of the Cangrejal River Valley in northern Honduras. AICM took their first official mission’s trip in the summer of 2012. “Now, we are helping more than 200 orphans in 3 major orphanages, 300 people in two specific villages sponsored by HHK and Eagle’s Nest Church in La Ceiba, as well as helping with conferences and offering direction to 4 schools in Honduras. In total, ministering to about 500 students! Most recently in 2015, God also allowed us to minister at a public school in La Ceiba, a Naval training center, and speak on Honduran National TV. When God opens doors He really opens doors!”

Adventures in Christ Ministry is about: Spreading the Gospel of Jesus while building relationships and having fun! We are teaching, preaching, building, farming, developing businesses and building relationships as opportunities with so many wonderful people develop! Going on an adventure with AICM is answering the call of James 1:27 which is our mission statement.